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Italian lessons. Do you need a hand? - Milan

Hi! If you need take some lessons for remembering what you're learning, or If you are just trying to improve your Italian but do it by yourself gets you boring, CONTAC ME!

I'm a student of Business and Administration at University in Milan. I learnt Italian in 2000 (from A1 to B2 level). I studied and obtained my Diploma (5 years high school). I worked as accountant and administrative for 5 years in Milan (L2 level- higher to C2) and I have experience on teaching (spanish).

Primo incontro conoscitivo, di pianificazione studio, e verifica livello con autoevaluazione GRATIS (appross. 30min.).

Modalità e Luogo lezioni: Università Bicocca/ Università Cattolica oppure a domicilio (Milano centro). Minimo 1.h30 per lezione- prezzo modico.